SBC in FIFA 22 for James Rodriguez Player Moments SBC

This time, we're taking a trip back to the World Cup in 2014


This time, we're taking a trip back to the World Cup in 2014.  There is a player of the match card, which highlights James Rodriguez's stunning goal against Brazil in the Colombian match.

The Evertonian has a 93-rated card to commemorate his first-ever tournament win, and you can get your hands on it through this special SBC offer.  There are some things that you should be aware of. 


The majority of the improvements were made to Rodriguez's speed (+37), but EA also made improvements to his other skills, which include his physicality (+17), passing (+10), dribbling (+11), defending (+10), and shooting (+8), when comparing this Player Moments card to his Gold Edition, which had a rating of 82.  In most cases, this is a good card FIFA 22 Coins with high skills, with only one negative attribute: his 60-rating on defense.  His grade 97 dribbling is his most impressive ability.

For the player moment Rodriguez SBC to be completed, you must submit four different teams: Colombia, Premier League, 83-rated squad, and 84-rated squad, to name a few.  The first team must have an 81-rated rating, have at least 80 chemical reactions, and include at least one player from Colombia to be considered successful.  To qualify for the second solution, your team must have an 82 rating, at least 75 chemistry, and at least one player from the Premier League.  It is only necessary to have an 83-rated team with at least 70 chemical reactions to complete the third part.  Team 84, with at least 65 chemical reactions, is required to be the fourth and final team.

In the event that your player is fouled by the opposing team's defender, a free kick presents a valuable opportunity to score from close range.  When you are playing from long distances, it allows you to keep possession of the ball, pass it to another teammate, and start the offense all over again. 


After you've finished configuring your settings, use the reticle to move the left stick to the top right corner of the goal frame. . Training this action in a skill game is necessary because it is not natural; however, once you have it in your muscle memory, it becomes much easier to perform the action.  To charge your lens FIFA 22 Coins, press and hold the Circle/B button for a few seconds.  You don't want to use too much power here, especially at close range; just a tap on the wall will provide enough power to knock it off the wall safely.

When you charge the shooting, you will notice that another bar will appear on the screen.  This is a small shooting game with a limited number of weapons.  In the end, this is completely optional, but if you're feeling particularly brave, tapping the Circle / B button again after hitting the ball with the shoelace can increase your chances of hitting the ball.

To confuse the goalkeeper, you can also incorporate spins into your passing.  Top spin, mixed spin, side spin, and knuckle ball are the four options available here.  When you are ready to shoot, the game will display all of the available shooting gestures on the screen.

After looking at the player's statistics FIFA 22 Coins, you must consider the range of the free kick in question.  The only exception is long-range kicks, which are prohibited.  Because the likelihood of scoring is extremely low, regardless of the kicker's statistics, it is preferable to pass the ball to a teammate and then move towards the goal post instead.

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