The Adamant Dragons are currently at level 186

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What to bring. Bring plenty of RuneScape Gold food. If you are here for Wyverns Bring an essential piece of armor. You'll require an Antidragon Shield as well as Antifire Potions. If you're here for Rorgon or other Rorgon-related events, bring the best range armor and weapon you have or take some sturdy melee armor and prepare your Prayer to protect yourself from magic.

Navigating. You will find an area that has Adamant Dragons when you follow the northern track. Now you will see my quest idea. The Adamant Dragons are currently at level 186. If you continue to the east, you'll find a room that has two more Adamant Dragons, these at level 398. These are the most advanced versions, and are far more dangerous.

The path ends here. South to the south, you'll see some Wyverns. The Wyverns you see are not the ones with skeletal bodies however, they are regular Wyverns. They are strong against any magic, with the exception of Ice spells that they are not strong against. This safespot has a high density Wyverns in zones of multicombat, making it a great place to practice Ice Burst/Barrage.

You can also travel North towards the Adamant Dragons and find a lone Brutal Blue Dragon. You can ignore him and continue until the end. Two things to look for: an Adamant Door that isn't opening and an unlocked 500-level Rorgon who is a Dragonkin.

Fighting Rorgon. There are three ways to fight Rorgon. The first is a ranging, and the secondly, melee tanks. The third option is to have a tank come along with you. Get Rorgon onto them, then join the fight with Buy Old School RuneScape Gold the method you prefer.

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