When the walls of the base are damaged

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The enemy Base. Your ability to OSRS Items strike an enemy base will increase for every part of the battlefield that you control. Every part of the battlefield they control has a defense level. While you could take down the fort if you are in complete control of the battlefield, it isn't easy. You have two options in the event of a battle against an enemy base. You can either destroy the catapults and ballistas, or take them over. Your ballistas must be loaded with ballista ammunition that you have obtained from your base.

Catapults must be loaded with rocks or bombs from your home base. You can also attack the gates of the base with a battering ram from your base. The NPCs of the base will attempt to enslave you as they attack the fort of the enemy. Tower Rangers, Fortress Mages and Fortress Mages who appear in the fort will stun and blast your with Arrows. If the Battle Mages health drops below half, he'll use blood barrage. Prepare yourself to fight if that's your method to win.

When the walls of the base are damaged, enter the base. To extinguish the flames of the enemy's fires it is possible to make use of water to clean the walls. If your base is destroyed or the entire 180 NPC combatants are killed, you're the winner.

Rewards: You don't need to be critical of the rewards you get, just offer some alternatives. It can be difficult to think of great rewards. Elemental Arrows - Can only be shot using an esoteric bow. They can cause the enemy with the 5x5 grid surrounding the area of attack. You must have completed Elemental Workshop Part I for these.

Vanguard Shield Vanguard Shield - A strong shield for defense, and offers prayers bonus. It will increase your level of experience if you work on defense. Fancy Stew – A new food item that needs to be cooked. It can be cooked at any cooking level. However, you might prefer to cook it at a high degree. Heals 25 is the top stage in Buy OSRS Accounts the game. I'm not sure if I have any other ideas, so I'll just wait to hear what you think. 

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